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AIU Cloud is AIU Extension initiative to support our community in regards to Cloud space. You will be able to upload Private files that only you can see or upload Public Files that you can share with other registered users at AIU Extension.

What is it for?

Remember, we are a growing community. By sharing useful material that you produced or think will help to improve the course, a discussion or the community. You will be supporting AIU Extension.

How to access my AIU Cloud?

On the top right, click on your name. Select Dashboard. Then click on BuddyDrive.

Sharing options:

1.- Private and/or Password Protected: Keep personal files: You can upload files that only you will be able to see. Remember to “Define your sharing options” as Private. If you want even more protection. You can select Password Protected. Only you will know the password for that file.

2.- Public: Other AIU Extension users will be able to see this content.

3.- Friends Only: Only your friends will be able to see the files you uploaded.

4.- One of my groups: You can share files with a specific group. Of course, you must be part of that group first.

5.- My Courses: In case you were approved to become an Author and you developed some courses. You will be able to upload files to those courses.

How much space do I have?

It depends on your Rol at AIU Extension.

Instructor: 1000MB

Student: 200MB

Subscriber: 1,000MB

Note: To become a Subscriber you may contact us at We only ask for $10/month while you remain as Subscriber to support our community (we invest this on improving our servers, create more courses and more).

Is there any legal responsibility in regards to the files I upload? 

Yes, you are 100% responsible for the files you upload at AIU Cloud| BuddyDrive. We are trusting that you won’t upload inappropriate content. If you do, we will remove it as soon as we find out and you account could be permanent banned from AIU Extension.

If you find inappropriate content posted by someone and shared with you or a group. Please report it as soon as possible at

What is considered inappropriate content/files? 

It is content which somehow discriminate or offend other at AIU Extension. Some examples could be: Violation of Copy Rights, Mature content. others.

Remember, our community have users from more than 80 countries. Let’s take advantage of the varieties of cultures.

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