Get your Certificate of Completion!

Steps to get your Certificate:

1.- Register at AIU Extension ( Start your a course. Once you completed a Course with a Grade of 80/100 or higher, you could get your Certificate of Completion for USD$35 or 35 AIU Credits.

2.- Log in and go to your Profile. Click on the course that you completed with a grade of 80 or higher.


3.- Click on  “Add to cart”


4.- Click on “Proceed to Checkout”


5.- You may buy the AIU Credits that you are missing instead of paying the USD$35 in full. Lower you will see the option “Pay with AIU Credits”


6.- Or you may just go ahead and select Paypal which allows you to use your Credit Card or Paypal Account. Finally, accept the Terms and Conditions and click on “Proceed to Paypal”.


7.- Once you paid. You will get a receipt in the next couple of minutes.


8.- Finally, go back to your profile. Click again on the course that you completed (+80/100 grade) and you will be able to see and print your Certificate.



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