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How can I use my AIU Credits?

To get your Certificate! Once you have 35 AIU Credits, you will be able to use it as a payment option.

Remember: You can also buy AIU Credits to match what  you are missing on your account and get your Certificate.

Example: If you have 10 AIU Credits from interacting on the site, and you need 35 AIU Credits (each credits is the equivalent of USD$1*) to pay for your certificate

you may invest $25 to get 25 AIU Credits. This way, you will have 35 AIU Credits to purchase your Course Certificate at AIU Extension.

You can always buy AIU Credits in your account or interact on the site to increase your credits. You may access your account “My Account” from the menu or click here!

How you get the AIU Credits at AIU Extension:

You will get 3.5 AIU Credits as soon as you SIGN UP at AIU Extension.

You will get 1.0 AIU Credits for every person who SIGN UP at AIU Extension using your referral link or shared options.

IMPORTANT: To receive the AIU Credits. You must use your link and/or share option which is available in your Profile.

Each person you referred will get 3.5 AIU Credits as soon as they SING UP.

 You will get 3.5 AIU Credits every time a referral gets a Certificate.

You will get 1 AIU Credits the first time you upload your picture (Avatar) on your profile.

You will get 0.10 AIU Credits for the first approved comment you made on each post. We don’t get AIU Credits for posting more than 1 comment on the same post. You will get 0.10 AIU Credits for posting a comment in another post or course.

Important: You will lose 5 AIU Credits if your comment is marked as SPAM or if it is Unapproved.

You will get 1 AIU Credits each time you buy AIU Credits as a gift for another user at AIU Extension.

You will get 1 AIU Credits for each Review you do on the courses you have completed.

You will get 1 AIU Credits for each New Friendship up to 5 in total.

REMEMBER: By sharing you will be supporting AIU Extension so we can keep improving our platform and adding new Courses.

IMPORTANT: *AIU Credits is not a real currency. You can use it as credit to get your Certificate at AIU Extension. However, you cannot sell or ask for a refund when using AIU Credits. We do not exchange AIU Credits for real currency. We cannot give you a refund for Real Currency for AIU Credits even when you pay to get them.

Multiple accounts to get unfair advantage of AIU Credits system will cause a permanent ban on your account.


You can always check or add AIU Credits to your account by visiting: MYACCOUNT


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