How Do I Register?

Everyone may Register for free. Just go to the home page, on the top – right hand you will see the “SIGN UP” option.


To redeem a free coupon or discount voucher just insert it once you are on the Checkout process.

If the voucher was bought as a gift for someone else, please get the person who intends to use know the Coupon or Voucher code. Remember, the Coupon and Voucher will be valid only one time.


Try loading the video on different web browser i.e. chrome/Firefox/ safari etc.

You may have firewall blocking you, downloading a newer version of web browser can help solve this issue.

If the problem persists please email aiuextension@aiu.edu


Where and when is the course held?

AIU Extension’s courses are available ONLINE ONLY 24/7.

The course time is on my local time?

All times are EST, USA. If you finish a course at 23:00 PST on May 15, it will show completed as May 16. This won’t affect your results or the course itself.

What is the course duration?

It depends on the course. Each course have their own lessons. Some could have more lessons than others. It is also important to understand that these Lessons also vary. Some could take 5 minutes while other could take up to 60 minutes.

How do I start a new course?

To start a new course. Just click on “Courses” in the Menu section. There you will see all the courses available. You could select the School or just use the “Search courses…” tool to find the courses that you would like to take.

How do I access the courses that I previously started?

Once you login into your profile. Just click on your name (Top right hand) and “Courses”. There you will be able to continue your courses or pay to get the Certificate if you want.

How do I download the courses or recordings to my computer?

These courses and recordings are not “downloadable”. You cannot store them on your computer’s hard drive. It is only possible to view them when you are connected to the internet.

Is the amount of times I watch the recordings restricted?

There is no limit on the amount of times you can view the video recordings when they are available in our video access session.

What hardware do I need to listen and watch the recordings?

All that is required of you in order to attend is a computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or any device with a browser which is connected to the internet, and is equipped with speakers or earphones.


What if I have questions at any other time?

You can email any queries on any aspect of financial trading to aiuextension@aiu.edu at any time. We remain available as a point of support and assistance so you can achieve your goals.

What happen if I skip the lesson and repeat the Quiz until I approve?

First, let’s start by saying it is not ethical and won’t necessary achieve your and AIU Extension’s purpose of learning. Secondly, you will be able to take the same Quiz up to three (3) times. If you fail 3 times. You must contact us to aiuextension@aiu.edu so we can advise you and give you recommendation so you can pass the Quiz. We will also unblock you so you would be able to try again three more times.


Are there any assignments?

Upon course completion a final Quiz will be made available. Once you approved the Quiz. The Courses Status will change to Completed.

There is a USD$35 charge for non Atlantic International Active students or AIU Platinum Alumni Members to get the certificate. Remember that all courses are free and the $35 charge support out staff members + tutor/professor who develop the courses + our website maintenance.

What is an Atlantic International Active Student?

An Atlantic International Active Students is someone who enrolled at Atlantic International University (www.aiu.edu) and is active both academically and financially. Meaning that he/she is submitting at least one course per month and one payment per month (unless he/she paid in full).

What is an Atlantic International Alumni Member?

A Platinum Alumni member at Atlantic International University is someone who Graduate at Atlantic International University and got the Platinum Membership that Atlantic International University offers to their Graduates. You could get more information at: http://aiu.edu/aiualumni

How do I enroll at Atlantic International University?

You can visit www.aiu.edu or contact info@aiu.edu


Who accredited these courses?

You may find all the information in regards to AIU Extension accreditation and recognition at http://aiuextension.wpengine.com/accreditation

Which university may recognized this courses for credits?

The only university which currently recognized this courses and transfer them into credits into their students programs is Atlantic International University. How many credits do they give and other information must be find by contacting them directly.

I’m registered for the incorrect course?

Don’t worry. It is ok. The course will be show into your courses but it doesn’t affect your account at all. You may start as many courses as you wish.

How is it possible that AIU Extension offers FREE ONLINE COURSES?

AIU Extension is an initiative supported by Atlantic International University. They funded us so we can start the project. Now, it is possible thanks to AIU Extension’s Subscribers who get the Certificate. Those are helping us as well as the tutors and professor to keep moving forward with this efforts.

May I do a personal donation? Would it be tax deductible?

Thank you for your interest on supporting us. Yes. We are able to receive your support (is not a donation since AIU Extension is not registered as a NON-PROFIT.  You may contact aiuextension@aiu.edu to get more information.

No, any support given to AIU Extension directly is not Tax Deductible since we are not registered as a NON-PROFIT Organization.

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