All the courses offered at AIU Extension are only credited at Atlantic International University. Other institutions and universities will probably consider AIU Extension’s Courses as Noncredit Courses.

In general, credit courses are designed for students who are interested in earning college credits towards a degree or certificate. These courses are usually a full semester long. Students who take credit courses receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D or F) at the end of the semester.

Noncredit courses are short-term classes offered through the continuing education departments or in this case AIU Extension. They are intended for students who want to gain general knowledge, learn a new skill, upgrade existing skills or develop personal interests. Upon completion at AIU Extension, students may pay and get a certificate of completion (It is 100% optional to get the Certificate).

ALL non-credit classes are not applicable toward a degree with the exception of Atlantic International University which accepts AIU Extension Certificates in order to give credit to those students at Atlantic International University. Of course, in order to get credit for your certificates at Atlantic International University you must be enroll as a student with them.

Atlantic International University won’t provide any kind of financial discount because of these Certificates. Whether you are a student at Atlantic International University or would like to become one. It is important that you understand you won’t receive any discount of partial scholarship because of AIU Extension Certificates. You will in other hands receive a certain amount of academic credits toward your program at Atlantic International University.

A certificate of completion can be issued if you decide to pay and get it at the completion of the course.

Another important difference is that Federal Financial Aid is not available for non-credit classes. However, at AIU Extension we include a referral program in order to give our students the opportunity to get USD$ Credits at AIU Extension that they can invest ONLY to get their own Certificates at AIU Extension. You will get a certain % of each one of your referrals that pay to get his/her Certificate and support AIU Extension staff members and tutors.

Remember that by getting you Certificate. You will be supporting AIU staff members and tutors so we can keep improving our platform and adding more courses.

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