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Welcome to Open Courses list of popular online university courses. Hosted and sponsored by Atlantic International University. However here you have free access to hundreds of Free Educational materials. With multiple courses on almost all subject matters.


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You know that each year prices rise. Even Online University courses cost more. That is something we wish to change. By bringing short prices lessons free of charge. Simply click on the subject you want to learn.

Once you choose a lesson follow its path to its conclusion and final test. 

Choose from English to Science, Engineering, Psychology. We also have Philosophy, Political Theory, Math etc. There is also History and so much more. In other words use this free resource to start your journey of learning, self discovery and growth.

At AIU we wish for you to become the very best of yourself. Above all AIU wishes for you to be the architect of your own success.

Learn with industry leaders and cool instructors.

Go here to see all of the courses available in English.

Use este link para ver los cursos en español.

Start your new career path to success at Atlantic International University. Contact us today.

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